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Don't Fall for the March Madness!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Basketball? No, wrong madness.

For reasons I'll never understand, millions of Americans go into a frenzy over March Madness, the college basketball tournament. I don't get the draw of basketball, but that's beside the point. The March Madness I'm referring to is the theory that Trump will somehow become the NINETEENTH president of the United States on March 4th, 2021. Many Americans, desperate for any hope, have latched onto this theory as the last hope of saving our Republic, refusing to believe that after all that former President Trump said, he would just abandon them. It makes me so angry and sorry for those who need the hope, who are being sold on this stuff. Don't get me wrong, if it happens, I would be ecstatic! But (more likely) when nothing happens, millions are going to despair. So let's take a look at this theory.

What is the March 4th theory? If you don't know I'll try to give a quick recap here. The theory was put out there by "Q" and it's followers. "Q" stands for "Qanon" (I'll go into this...entity, in the next section). It reads that following the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant (U.S Grant), America was sold out and became a "corporation", with no valid president since. Trump's last acts to set up a new inauguration on March 4th would restore the Republic, and he would become the first true president since Grant. The corporations would be brought to heel, the Gold Standard would come back, and much more. Mass arrests of the traitors and criminals at all levels of government would be made. Why March 4th? Until FDR in 1933, the inauguration was always on March 4th. In 1933, they moved it to January 20th.

Who, or what, is "Q"? This is a rabbit hole I have not been willing to go down so far. The theories are many. Some say its JFK Jr., that he is still secretly alive. Others claim he/she is an insider at the highest levels of (insert alphabet agency here). There may be more. From what I have been able to find, this entity, or entities (there's questions if it's been the same person, or multiple people claiming the title), started posting in 2017. Each message is very cryptic and lends to much leeway in interpretation. Therein lies the fascination, you can find your wildest hopes and dreams coming true in these posts. Now, I don't want to make fun of, or even say it's all false or that those who adhere to it are crazy. If this past election cycle has shown us anything, it's that crazy is nothing compared to reality. Crazy is sane compared to what we have seen.

So, is "Q" right, or reliable? Again, my own research leads me to believe that the answers are no, and no. "Q" posts are usually very vague, give no concrete dates, and are extremely open to interpretation. Admittedly I haven't gone through many of them, but I couldn't find a single one that can be pointed at and say, look! "Q" was right! There's always just a little bit of truth, or enough coincidence, to make the post sound believable enough. But isn't that the basis for every good lie? Add just enough truth to it, and it becomes believable. For instance, one post mentioned, I believe it was the name "wolfpack", without any further information as to what it referred to. After the inauguration, Biden hired a private security company. Their name? Wolfpack. Of course the guy I was listening to pointed to this as a smoking gun that "Q" knew what was what. Coincidence? Or was "Q" right? I can't prove or disprove definitively one way or the other.

My take on "Q" is that it is a psychological warfare operation against the American people. If you think about it, we saw the voter fraud, we saw the Supreme Court refuse to do its job, and then we saw Congress refuse. Our checks and balances were subverted. 75+million Americans were shown that the system is broken. We were justifiably outraged. But wait, this "Q" says that it will all come out before January 6th, so we can wait, and watch the Republic return. Well, the 6th comes, and with it, nothing. This led to some patriots, with the provocation of ANTIFA and other elements, to enter the Capitol building, many with Law Enforcement escorts and open doors. We were angry enough to do something about the treason and lawlessness. But then what happens? The theory is pushed back to January 20th, the National Guard is being moved in, not to protect the elites, but to arrest them! Just remain calm and peaceful. Trump and "the patriots" are in control. January 20th comes and goes, nothing happens. Biden is sworn in. Before America goes all 1776, "Q" comes out AGAIN and says now its March 4th, stay calm, Trump and the Patriots are in control. Now we are approaching the 4th, and the sticks have moved yet again. What has this done? It has led to the cooling of tempers. Many Americans who were full of outrage that normally wouldn't be, have now lost that fervor, and have accepted that this is now the way things are. The die-hard patriots are still fighting, but the numbers grow smaller by the day. So what "Q" has seemingly done, has been to keep Americans sitting and doing very little, all while the communists and elites have solidified their power. To me, the conspiracy seems far more likely that this is a government agency tasked with keeping us worried but disorganized, than it is a conspiracy that Trump returns and our Republic is remade. If we 75 million had demanded justice at the beginning, who could have denied us? Just my opinion.

I'll wrap this up with some solutions. I would be happy if I am proved wrong, and Trump does clean out the Swamp next week. But we need to prepare as if it isn't going to happen. Some of these solutions I've mentioned before, but they really are the answers to many problems. Become self-sufficient. Get out of debt. Find a job that you can't be canceled from. Form communities. Train yourself and others in self-defense. Prepare your mind, your body, and your soul for tough times. These can take the forms of paying a little extra off your loans this month. Buy a couple cans of Chunky's Cambell soup to store up when you shop. Explore self-employment options or reach out to people in your church that may have job openings. Grow a garden, of any size this spring (a few tomato plants will give you more tomatoes than you might think!). Start stretching, doing some pushups and sit ups, run, walk, get moving in any way you can. If you can afford it, take a martial arts class and/or join a gym, or buy some equipment. Keep your mind sharp by ignoring the noise and reading good books. And don't neglect the daily rosary, Mass, and Confession.

I hope this post is of some use to you and has some information that will help you! I apologize for the length, but it needed some fleshing out to fully understand. God bless you all, and God bless the USA!

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