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Community: The Answer to Many Problems

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I feel like this blog (and or video, depending on where you see this) is well overdue. I promised at the start of this to give practical solutions to problems, not just talk about problems or vague options. Community comes up time and time again when I look at the issues we face today, yet I haven't really given much of an insight as to what I view as a community, or how it may work. So here we go!

The world looks very bleak for a Catholic, patriot, traditional society. Our country is running towards communism and every immorality with utter abandon. We've see that we have no recourse to address our grievances through the betrayal of our elected officials, the outright theft and rigging of elections, and the cowardice of the justice system. So then where can we look? We have to look at ourselves, and each other. Things aren't going to get easier. The ISIS sympathizer murdered ten people yesterday, giving the communists more ammo to take away the Second Amendment. Inflation is already hitting after our infinite money printing during the beer virus. Prices are going up. A city in Illinois just started paying reparations to black people for discrimination and slavery. Ben Shapiro just advocated for mandatory and forced vaccinations. The Vatican banned the Latin Mass at St. Peter's. Okay, enough of the bad news! The good news is, there are others like you and me who see it, and are looking for the solution.

The hardest part when it comes to selling the idea of community is sacrifice. Many people I talk to love the idea, but then say they can't or won't leave their current job, that their family doesn't want to move, that they like their school, too much debt, etc. I get it, and I'm not judging. What I see here are things then that we need to address to make community easier so that more people can feel that it is achievable. This would be much easier if you could find someone with a lot of money who could help start the ball rolling, offer jobs, or start a business to settle some of the fears and unknowns. I wish I could offer that. But if we can't, there are still ways, but it does require sacrifice, and it probably won't be comfortable. You might make less money, not be able to afford a big house, or may not see a rich life ahead. But "what does it profit a man to gain the world, yet lose his soul"?. How many compromises are you willing to make to live a "comfortable", easier life?

Where do you decide to start your community? I believe it should be at a county level. More elbow room, more options for jobs and living preferences, and yet close enough to support one another. So first, pick a state. Some things I look for are the political climate, does it have a major college (tends to bring in the communists if it does, like in Wisconsin)? Does it have a heavy union presence (they lean heavily democrat)? What is their voting history? What are their taxes like? What types of businesses might thrive there? What is the religious make up of the state? Then choose the county. Next, if it doesn't already have one, work at getting a traditional Mass (my preference). Find a good priest (In my mind he should be an American who can help us navigate the spiritual issues from our country's standpoint). Now, you can start getting friends and family to move to your location, if you hadn't discussed if before. Start looking at the office holders at the local level, do they need to be replaced? If so, who can do it (it may have to be you if there isn't anyone else)? Encourage those around you to also run for office. Make the county yours. Recruit a good sheriff if there isn't one already in place. Make him your friend if there is. This is the start.

How do you prepare the way for a move like this? Money is obviously a big concern, having enough to buy a place and having a job when you get there. Things you can do now, if you can't go immediately are to start saving every penny. Get rid of Netflix (if you haven't already!), stop eating out, pay off your debt, put in some overtime, or grab a side gig. If you are worried about schooling for the kids, pull them out now and get used to homeschooling. Start learning skills that might aid you in living cheaper and more self-reliant like gardening, or pick up some small animals for hobby farming, just to learn the ropes. Maybe learn how to can. Look at passive or alternative incomes. These are just some of the things that come to mind.

Finally, what do I envision a community solving? In my mind, I see a lot things it could help with. Establishing a Catholic and Patriotic sanctuary for the tough times ahead. The ability to start businesses and hire other Catholics/Patriots. Helping each other's families through times of sickness or disability. The men structuring a boy scout like program for young men. Women forming a girl scout like organization for the girls. Helping each other if there was a natural disaster. Bartering goods and services to save money. Provide better socialization opportunities without worry as much about the outside world. And mutual self-defense against aggression in times of turmoil. These are just some of the things I see as being helpful, and necessary, to regaining control of the family, the Country, and Faith. The list really could be endless!

With the mounting assaults on every aspect of our lives, I truly believe that community is the only way to save ourselves from becoming an endangered species in this once great country. What's in store for America in the future? Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that it will be easier to face it together, rather than on our own. God bless us all, and God bless the USA!

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